As a competitive providing service company we are ready to learn and adopt all standards which are prevailing around us to improve quality of our service and attain satisfaction of our valued customers. Hence we become part of lost time injury process of our clients.


Our group is always striving to prove as a “One Company providing total solutions”.


Our workers are being trained by a continuous training and evaluation program which continues throughout a calendar year. Safety awards to our precious employees are a routine phenomenon in our organization

Back Ground

LOGMATE Engineering & Services is a dynamic services providing company with diversified services offered to our valued clients.

Our aim is to provide a high quality and reliable precision engineering service to our customers. Although the company is relatively young, but our staff are highly skilled with many years of experience

Due to the diversified need of the services we introduced a sister concerns with the names of M/s XG Solutions which own a large number of diesel generators and equipment to fulfill the prevailing demand of the telecom, oil and gas, mining and construction sectors of the country.

We believes that the two major assets are our customers and employees. We strive to keep both up to date on the latest technologies and advances that may benefit them. To help facilitate this,


We are divided into 3 divisions that keep the employees close to our customers and the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Our company vision and culture also centers around our customers and their needs, as is reflected in our service commitments to our customers



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