A time saving or on time service is vital in all engineering business especially for operator companies. In recent years we have specified our services to the wide-ranging activities we offer today.


LOGMATE Engineering & Services is one of the fast growing companies in its market and specializes in your urgent needs, near or far.


Our team is made up of motivated and competent professionals who will be able to advise you and try to ensure that we meet even your most specific requirements.


We offer a complete service to your company. By entrusting us with your urgent requirement, you can avoid the down time or costs often generated due to impediment in sale and services.


Our willingness to listen to your needs and our flexible approach will enable us to meet your requirements, through its professionalism, with the dynamism and experience.


We start by looking at your specific goals. LOGMATE Engineering & Services has established customer Relation Department and LOGMATE Engineering & Services Relation representative is your consultant, taking a customer approach to understanding what your needs are and determining how best to accomplish it on time and on budget .Your Relation Representative is committed to your success, and like any good partner, will be fully accountable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Variety of Services

  • Supply of Installation of Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Sale & Service of Diesel Generators & Air Compressors.
  • Telecom Tower, Small Construction Works, Laying of fiber cable.
  • Electrical Panels & Other Electrical Works.
  • Overhauling Services of Diesel Generators & Air Compressors.
  • O&M Contracts of Generators, CNG Stations & Telecom Sites.
  • Repairing Services of Invertors, UPS, PLCs & Rectifiers etc.
  • General Order Supplies.
  • Refueling Services (Provision of Diesel at Site).
  • Rental Diesel Generators and Earthmoving Machinery.
  • Solar Tube wells and Domestic Requirement.

XG Solution


  • Sales and Service of PDC and TC Drilling Bits, Coring Bits, Core Barrels
  • Sales of Rig Equipment’s and Drill String Components i.e. DP, DC, HWDP etc.
  • Sales and Service of Well Head & X-Mass Trees, Chokes, high pressure fittings etc.
  • Sales of Casing, Tubing and Casing Accessories
  • Sales of Mud Chemicals, Mud testing and lab equipment’s, API cements and additives
  • Well Planning and Well Site Consultancy
  • Sales of Handling equipment’s, shackles, lifting eyes, wire ropes, blocks
  • Sales of Slick Line Equipment’s, Wireline Equipment’s, Mud Logging Equipment’s
  • Sales of Safety equipment’s
  • Sales of Mechanical, Hydraulic and Wireline set Packers, SSSV’s, downhole chokes, downhole pumps
  • Sale of Sucker Rods, Horse head pumps, gas lift valves, SSD’s, straddle equipment’s, injection valves, sucker rods
  • Sales of DST tools, Slickline equipment’s, memory gauges, permanent downhole gauges
  • Sale of Gas gathering pipe line, gas pipe lines, heat shrinkable sleeves, pipeline pigs, high pressure valves, fittings, elbows, pipe skids and racks
  • Sales ESD and SCADA systems, power cables, instrumentation and spares