No. Principal Name Origin Products / Services Website Information
1 Power Link UK/China Generators, Lighting Tower, Canopies, Panels
2 Rich Motor UAE Perkins, Cummins and Lister Petter Generator (UK)
3 Ghaddar Machinery Lebanon Perkins Diesel Generator

3 Largest Distributor of Perkins.
4 Schaefer Urbach Germany Valves and Fittings, Industrial Heavy duty Pumps, Mud Pumps, Welding technologies
5 Shengli Oilfield Freet Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. China Seamless steel pipes, casing and tubing, ERW pipe, pipe fittings, sucker rods and horse head assemblies, workover rigs, pumping units


6 Jiayao Group China Well Heads, X-mass Trees, GateValves, Choke and kill Manifolds, Chokes, SSV’s and controls, Well killing and Blow out control specialists
7 Diversified Cementing Products USA Cement Additives, Stimulation chemicals, Corrosion inhibitors, visocifiers, cement silos
8 Taixing Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd China Tubing Elevtors, Casing Elevators, DP Elevators, DC Elevators, Casing Slips, Rotary Slips, Safety Clamps, DC Slips, Sucker rod Elevators, High Pressure Unions, Cocks, Elbows, Adjustable Elbows, Single and Double Arm Elevator Links, Kelly Bushing, Casing Manual Tongs, DP Tongs,


No. Principal Name Origin Products / Services Website Information
9 Garrett Drilling Consultants USA Drilling Consultancy, Directional Drilling Consultancy, Wellsite Supervision, Independent well design analysis, well design, Rig Inspection Specialists
10 Dongying Jianxin Petroleum Equipment Co. Ltd. China Drilling and Work Over Rigs, Rig Equipments, Rotary Tables, Rig Engines, Generators and spares, DP’s, DC’s, HWDP’s, Kellies, Casing, Tubing, Line Pipes, downhole Motors, Horse heads, Pump Jacks, mud separation equipments, elevators, Power and Manual tongs, blocks, Swivels, Winches, Hooks, slips, Spinners, Well Fracturing Equipments, Gas Generators, Moving Generators, X-Mass Tress, Motors, Agitators, Hoppers, etc.
11 Can-K Group Canada Artificail Lift Sytems, Topdrives,  Surface and sub-surface pumps, compressors, stuffing boxes, Rotating Flow Diverters
12 Hainan Huarong Chemical Co., Ltd China Industrial and Mud Chemicals of inorganic and organic range