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Sound Proof Canopies

  1. Body and components made of Galvanized Steel sheets of highest standards with heat-treated highly anti-corrosive powder coating.
  2. Black zinc die-cast locks and hinges.
  3. Six doors to allow easy access for maintenance purposes.
  4. Lube Oil pipe can be reached externally for easy drainage.
  5. Radiator filling access through a special cover cap on the top of the enclosure.
  6. Special viewing window for the control panel in a lockable door.
  7. Central top lifting point in addition to lifting points on the base frame.
  8. Exhaust silencing system in the interior of the enclosure.
  9. Fuel filling and battery are secured through lockable doors.
  10. Emergency stop push button mounted on the exterior of the enclosure (Optional).
  11. 5 cm Fiberglass Sound Insulation Material with vinyl facing, density 32 kg/m3

Gaddar Jack

Industrial range, Low & medium Voltage, 50 & 60Hz, 4 & 6 pole, from 10 KW to 3900 KW, these alternators are designed for Gensets driven by diesel or gas engines. These generators are used in numerous fields such as rental & construction, marine, telecom, commercial, health, etc.

Customized (design to order) range, Low, Medium and High Voltage, 50 or 60hz, 4 to 24 pole, from 500 KW to 25000 KW, these alternators are dedicated to Power plants and are driven by diesel or gas engines, gas or steam turbines, wind turbines or hydro turbines. In addition to stationary power plants, they are also used in other fields such as oil & gas, nuclear, marine, etc.

Electronic Products: Analog or Digital AVRs depending on customers’ requirements.